Dear Anonymous...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

hey there whoever you were i deleted ur comment on that post cuz it dint go with the fun mood there but that doesn't mean i cant take criticism(tbh of course it pisses me off, who doesn't it).

i just wanted to clear this thing, i made this blog cuz my friends wanted me to, as mentioned in the first post. Some who were new friends and weren't used to 'bhurka girls' were kinda surprised that we act like other normal girls so bla bla bla... i ended up making this blog. The fact that i named it 'the odyssey of a BHURKA GIRL' and nick named myself BG shows that m proud of what i am, my bhurka is like my identity so what makes you think i am making fun of it? my life is fun n thats what i blog about, is there anything wrong about that?cant i make jokes cuz m a BG?

so whatever ur grievances are fill em up n i might clear em.peace.


heyA peeps! my first ever Halloween party is coming up... yea yea iv had many in my ro0m listening to sp0okey songs n dressing up just for myself but this ones in school/college.

So the first thing is i need a costume, there are loads of options but as i wear a bhurka(AND that doesn't mean i cant have fun!) mine are directly narrowed down to a few and kinda weird ones.. the only thing i could think up was a ghost like this

yes a lame ol' ghost but hey a ghost is a ghost meant to be scary so do NOT question my creativity =p

but then i was on the phone with a friend 'g0och' n she gave me an awesome idea, she went like so what will you dress up as? a mummy? and m like w0w man that is such a c0ol idea! though i cant be the typical body-bandaged mummy so i thought lets put the bandages on an a gown n go as Cleopatra's mummy which will look something like this
 but like a lose version of this like totally lose n face covered n all.. u get it naaa??

then my friend Z keeps telling me to dress up as 'a girl(who i am)-pretending-to-be-a-man-whose-pretending-to-be-a-woman-n-turns-out-to-be-a -bomber!' read it a few times you will get what it means :p for it i have to wear a kinda suicide bomber jacket on my bhurka n thats it.

Then a friend told BG2 to dress up as Anar kali who has her face covered the Arabian way which is kinda nice but nah not my thing..

okay now thats all i got no more ideas other than wearing super hero masks which i just wont do so guys tell me which one is the best among these or if you have any ideas of your own plz do share em here :)
That is if anyone ever reads this post =p

First Post.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Re-writing the very first post on my blog.
First published on 10/4/10
Editing the post on 1/28/14

I started this blog at a friend's suggestion. We were standing outside the computer lab at our high school, really really bored. Talking about me; one of the only two niqabis in school, and a socially retarded person in addition to that. That's when a friend suggested I should write a blog about my life and name it "The odyssey of a Burqa Girl" and I remember asking "What does odyssey even mean?" and with that this blog, and a new word in my vocabulary, came into being.

 I have reverted most of my old posts to drafts. Keeping a few published to remember the journey. :)