Saturday, December 11, 2010

Its a mid December's midnight and Islamabad is ff-freezing! i still havent offered my esha prayers n because of the extreme cold weather i couldn't muster enough courage to get out of my cozy bed n perform ablution... but somehow i succeeded and now i am sitting right in front of the heater on the 'jai namaz' and thinking how blessed i am to have a heater. Sounds funny, i know, but its one of those comforts which we have gotten so used to that we don't really look at it as a special blessing or at least not something to sit n think about. 

Now that i AM thinking about how big a blessing this heater is i am impelled to look around at the other 'blessings' around me which we normally overlook. what do i notice? THE TUBE LIGHT :D i was just feeling scared recalling a few scary movie scenes and if it wasn't for this tube light (and my constant recitation of ayat ul kursi) i might have passed out due to a heart attack by now..ok ok a little exaggeration here but you never know.. specially for all the night owls imagine life without these not much of a life there huh?

umm next is a towel. You know that annoying feeling when your hands are wet and you quickly try to wipe them dry with a usual cloth and instead of absorbing the droplets it just smears them all over your hands making them even more annoyingly wet, towels don't do that ;) just five secs and ur hands are dry as a umm okay any dry thing.

Earphones! isn't it incredible how one can hear such a loud volume coming via such small earphones and the best part is you can enjoy your super loud music without getting scolded for disturbing others :D Just think about it for a few seconds, what if you had to put music on without headphones every  time you wanted to listen to it.. no privacy, no fun, no drowning your sorrows in a nice slow soft tune all by yourself.. see now you see it, dont you?

I think i'm getting pretty late for my esha prayer now so i should go. oh wait THE WALL CLOCK! remember how we used to read about time running out, as the last few sand crystals fall through the hour glass, in the goosebumps, fear street and the nightmare room etc. It just seems cool as long as its just in a story. Imagine no clocks, digital watches and all.. calculating the time by the position of the sun or the sand crystals left in the hour glass, doesn't sound comfortable at all does it?

The examples i gave might seem lame to you but this is the stuff i see when i look around me.. and everything deserves appreciation, however common and insignificant some things might seem to us, considering there non-existence in life doesn't work well. These are all blessings and not everyone is blessed with them. Just take a moment, look around you and however silly it might seem just pick one or two random things you see and write their names as comments below and see how many unappreciated blessings we come up with :)


Anonymous said...

wow u ryt nyc..hmm hw abt the blessing of a ppl dnt hv one ..n worst sm ppl jus dnt use ders..gosh the ability to actly use ur brain(wch zaina 2 'name a few..'lack)is seriously a beginning to thnk z ,s n l were in hiding wen god wz blessing every1 wth a brain
-Amby C

Sheza said...

the best invention ever has to be the ear phones, I think about it often too :D

Anonymous said...

Love it! F, you're a good blogger =D and yes, we SHOULD be grateful for all our blessings. what makes me sad is thinking of all those people who are misfortunate, and yet not doing anything to make their lives easier and more bearable for them =(

Almas amjad! you're sucha loser. AND you revealed my identity on f's blog! =P


Anonymous said...

amby cameo needs a life. F, you remind me about this novel i started(sophie's world) and so about how 3 year olds probably think like you. ;) because they're new to the world and everything is a miracle for them. my personal favorite is, not headphones, but cool is it to have something transmit images from all over the world? its better than internet. its like exploring a jungle not knowing which danger you'll encounter next, a tiger or a mouse? (whether switching channels would lead you to vee em or pink floyd)
so maybe it lacks facebook but the rest is AWESOME! XDD

i wanted to write hannah montannah or titanic, then realised vee em was the new h.m. and titanic is too cliched :O

Snataa ;)

BG said...

thanks guyz :D i like these comments better than the post lol

Amby did u say u were in hiding t0o while God was blessing people with brains?

Z u loser u pointed it out urself that its u :P

sheza that makes me feel better, i thought i was a retard to be thinking about this stufF:P

SNataa THAT really makes me feel like a grown up well writer *points at 3 YEARS OLD* :P but the writer mustv been good n u probably felt m as good as her..hmm thanks:P

Aftab (Alkeimist) said...

Dear BG :)
I am sure Allah Almighty spread a web of blessings around everyone just to make him realize that he/she is very dear to Him.I like the way you have narrated in a simplistic manner ,keep it up and before counting His blessings we must say "Alhamdulilah".
Stay blessed BG(MIB):)))

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