Friday, September 30, 2011

I believe in fate. In destiny.. yet i know we all shape ours ourselves. Like the title i chose for this post; it popped up on my twitter time line just when i decided to write a blog post. It was like being presented to me for putting it on my post, i had no idea what my post was going to be about and this word with its meaning suddenly appeared in front of me as i stared at the screen with a blank mind. So i can say this title is a work of fate. On the other hand, i was not compelled by anyone or anything to choose it, i saw it, i thought over it, i changed it from 'Se Retirer' to 'Retirer'and then i decided to go with it. Its fate which gave me the word, but its me who decided what to do with it. Its me writing this post as i wish, but its ending, its 'destiny', has already been determined by God. I can write whatever i like and i can erase what i have written as i will, yet God knows what it will be in the end, but He isn't forcing me to do any of it..

as the ice froze
it gained a glow
somewhat borrowed
yet so pure

my hand rose
floating like a vision
it took its course
as i stood and watched..

it shimmered,
in a shiver

in a puff of breath
flew away my hope

witnessing the soul so raw,
incomplete vision,
i had to withdraw.