Remember Muslim brotherhood?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The ban on face-covering in France went into effect last Monday. Don't worry my post is not about that, i am sure you all must have read enough on it already and its not like my opinion matters or anything.
What i noticed was that most of our Pakistani people, while commenting on the ban, said 'We have enough problems of our own, we don't have to worry about what France does.' I was thinking about it and remembered a hadith i had read long ago, it says:

“The Muslim Ummah is like one body. If the eye is in
pain then the whole body is in pain and if the head is
in pain then the whole body is in pain” ~ Muslim and Bukhari

I know i am no scholar and neither am i a perfect momin but i have enough common sense to interpret what this hadith means. Whether its the ban on face-veil in France or the continuous oppression on the people of Palestine it does affect us! Our religion continually tells us about all Muslims being joined together in one brotherhood, does that not mean anything to you? You don't have to go on strikes for them if you don't want to but we all need to realize that everything that happens around the world to any Muslim does affect us.
We need to stop fooling ourselves.


zb said...

you are so right! i'm not sure whether to be pleased or sad that you're the first person i've heard talking about this...

rizwan said...

i respect ur opinion and it really touches my heart, but being realistic i want to mention three things:
1st. muslims living in france should respect country law in any case, bcoz it is duty of every citizen to respect the law.
2nd. i am a muslim, but i dnt want to see woman in public places covering their whole face, especially in western society, i wud love to see them covering thier heads or hands, but nt the face, bcoz it toatally hide thier identity,n u never know who actually is in the burka.
3rd. being a pakistani we have already suffered a lot by supporting muslim countries, take the eamle of palestine, afghanistan. this has really radicalized our nation, and due to tht we are seeing the days, when no multinational want to invest money in pak, when no country like to send its players to play in pakistan. you are right tht when thier is pain in eye, the whole body suffer, but i believe in strengthening ourselves first, if we make our country strong, only then we should try to resolve the problems of all the muslims. noone will listen our voice now, bocz the poors, the beggers and the weakers can not influence anything. take example of india, they are growing economically and all the world listen them.

Faizan Chaki said...

You just explained Nationalism in it's true sense with a very good example.

Muhammad Yasin said...

This can be understood very simply. If we want to spread knowledge to others, we must ourselves be equipped with knowledge.

I can not cure anyone if I am not a doctor myself.

If we want to stand for others, we must first be strong enough.

Ummar said...

i hope you were referring to "the Muslim Ummah" and not the Pakistani Ummah ... to stand for a thing like that you have to break a lot of idols and actually start believing in the oneness of Allah Almighty ... If you don't believe that all that happens is but relying on the will of Allah than your faith has something wrong with it ... and till the time you don't have a undaunted faith you are bound to fall prey to similar ideas like who would invest? i am not that strong why doesn't someone else do it etc etc ... Remember all that happens happens because Allah has his will in it ... His potentials are beyond question and beyond our feeble imagination ... anyways we are not what the blogger thinks we are ... we may be anything but a practical Muslims and sorry to say it indeed is lunacy and stupidity to expect an orange tree in a desert ...
much thanks ...

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