Reading Affairs.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

There is this world of happy thoughts and sweet words. Its so beautiful that you even fall in love with its dirt and ugliness. I wonder why, or how could i ever fall out of love with it? how did i leave all those novels midway?
Now that i am back to loving it, i feel like i wasn't being me all this time while away from it.

All it took was 5 pages of confusion from To Kill A Mocking Bird. Like i mentioned earlier, it did nothing to help cure the headache but it did make me consider if the headache was all i needed to get fixed.

That bookworm who thought sitting in the school ground during a cricket match, reading a novel will make you look cool not retarded, is resurfacing. I am SO excited to be that person again who dreams about squirrels and wakes up claiming to have had the best dream ever.

This post is turning out to be just enough of a blend of confusion and fun. Winter fun, when sighs are cold yet warm. haha!

I Love God for this and everything <3