Of Apples and I

Friday, October 28, 2011

Apples have gained a lot of popularity recently, and we all know whose those 3 famous apples are that everyone talks about.
If apples could speak, they would be cursing people for using them as a part of jokes and labels but still never being given enough importance for the fruit they are.
I love apples. Even though it started as an arranged relation, when the doctor informed my mother that i had iron deficiency and was supposed to have iron rich foods; apples.

I have my own Top #3 Apples list and trust me, they are way better than yours.

no.1 (because i don't like starting the top 3 count backwards. its just annoying)

Friends ♥
Joey ♥
Joey's apple ΡΌ
how can other apples be loved more than that is beyond me.

no 2

Oh how much we owe to this apple. The apple which keeps the doctor away. i do, a lot. True story.

no. 3

THE APPLE. which tastes oh-so-awesome. Ok, actually i just had this apple the other day and it looked so beautiful i had to snap a few pics of it. Then the 5 minutes i spent attempting to make my phone's camera's product look a little better. It rightly deserves this position.

Class in 15 mins. dont have time to prepare breakfast now =/ Guess what im going to eat then?:)
Not an apple. ha.ha

Disclaimer: Resemblance of the last two apples to any other supposedly famous apple is purely coincidental. They would have not intended to copy my picture. Even if they did, I being the bigger person forgive them.


Sid said...

Haha this is awesome!

Fiza said...

Thanks Sid =)

Tazeen said...

HAHAHAHAHAH! The last line! :D

Sana Castellano said...

I LOVE eating apples! =D
lol @ the disclaimer.

Fiza said...

and to think that was added a day after the original post :p
thank you guys =)

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