Another Friday evening.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday evenings are the best part of the week for me.
I have my Al huda class every Friday evening and on the way back as i look at the same old roads through the car's window, everything looks so beautiful, so much better. All the dirt that had been collecting in me since the last 7 days, it is blown away by the air blowing in through the window.
Today during the same journey back home from my 'Reality Touch' class, I took out my phone and started deleting stuff to make space so i could take pictures of the sky(Bad-phone-days). It looked ever so beautiful, i have never seen so many colours so well distinguished on it.. but then, that is what i always think while looking at Islamabad's evening sky.
I couldn't take the pictures because all my phone's camera lens could capture was blank dark nothing-ness, but it didn't really matter. In fact that wasn't even supposed to be a part of this post. Anyway, instead of going home, i was informed that we have to go to the market to do some stuff my brother needed done and i happily agreed thinking i would get myself a good cup of coffee from there.
The place where we were supposed to go to turned out to be right next to OPTP so i decided to have their fries instead. There were a bunch of guys standing on the counter when we reached and they were still there when we were going back, so i figured out the place was taking too long in making their food so it was better to just not order from there.. also those guys were kinda creepy.heh.
We couldn't get the work done which we had went for due to which moods had shifted a little towards the darker side and i couldn't ask to be taken anywhere to get anything, so i had to return home with unsatisfied hunger AND thirst.
In the end i had to make both; fries and coffee myself. While i was at it, i remembered how this seems so much better in winters.. how not getting a coffee burn on the tongue is a disappointment in winters whereas the same burns make one curse in the summer.
Winters are truly love and i cant wait to experience the Friday evenings of this one. =)

Here is to winters :D


Furree Katt said...

the heat in karachi is killing me! i want to come to islamabad and chill with the creepy OPTP people. haha.

Fiza said...

if you do come to Islamabad, considering the limited options you might actually have to just chill with those creepy people :p

Tazeen said...

Aww. If I were you, I'd probably go around writing an ungrateful post about having to make fries and coffee myself. But you're the good girl I can never be.

Okay. I feel bad about myself now. Your space is giving me confidence issues. =P

Fiza said...

i wish! i complain somewhere else :P haha.

Faizan Chaki said...

don't tell me you eat fries without chaat masala? :p

Fiza said...

Can't ypu see the chat masala? :P
It is there.

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