Dear Anonymous...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

hey there whoever you were i deleted ur comment on that post cuz it dint go with the fun mood there but that doesn't mean i cant take criticism(tbh of course it pisses me off, who doesn't it).

i just wanted to clear this thing, i made this blog cuz my friends wanted me to, as mentioned in the first post. Some who were new friends and weren't used to 'bhurka girls' were kinda surprised that we act like other normal girls so bla bla bla... i ended up making this blog. The fact that i named it 'the odyssey of a BHURKA GIRL' and nick named myself BG shows that m proud of what i am, my bhurka is like my identity so what makes you think i am making fun of it? my life is fun n thats what i blog about, is there anything wrong about that?cant i make jokes cuz m a BG?

so whatever ur grievances are fill em up n i might clear em.peace.


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