Destination: Elite-Clan.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

After a recent gathering I went to, I was trying to get my priorities straight; to get a clear head about where and with what kind of people do I want to end up. You know, like that one neighbourhood we dream about living in one day? or having "so & so" as our neighbours, depending upon our interests. I ended up with a list of some very amazing humans, ones whose lives are worth sharing, so I decided to write a post about some of them.
Here goes:

You know that beautiful, classy, young girl? Scratch ''young'', she is a teenager! The one so lively and quirky. She loves playing around and pulling pleasant tricks. She might get a little carried away at times too, but when it comes to questions of knowledge; of issues of utmost importance, she is the one everyone will turn to. The most authoritative ones will come knocking at her door looking for answers. Her knowledge isn't limited to random Q&A sessions, she is a very well known scholar and a teacher. The most knowledgeable men of the era have been her students at one point or another. A lively young girl with so much wit. Sounds too good to be true, right? But she is as real as real can get.

Then comes the prestigious business woman. The richest lady in town. The one who has marvelously maintained her dignity while climbing the ladder of success in the business world. Yet, when you look at her family life, you will be dumbfounded by her homeliness. She is the perfect housewife; cooking for husband, being his best friend and the shoulder he leans on in tough times. The one whose support and love her husband can not forget years after her death. She is that Super lady with a highly successful business, a husband thoroughly pleased with her, no dirt on her robes and six children of her own. That's a tough call in a society where women are hardly given any importance.

Next comes that girl who has seen much sorrow in her life. She lived through poverty, and lost her mother to it at a very young age. Each one of her siblings passed away during her life. She saw her father's physical and mental abuse, and she stood by him till his last breath. Yet, she never lost hope. She never roamed the streets like a mad woman, in fact, she was the most dignified girl of the town. The one proposed by the most eligible bachelors in town, despite never having seen her face. She chose to marry a brave warrior, one with very little wealth to live by. But that didn't keep them from raising children who were remembered for generations as the noblest of men. By her forbearance, patience and piety, she earned the title of The Queen of all Women at a very early age. She is an example for every young girl, to never give up. She has seen every trouble a girl can imagine, and she came out stronger than ever. Not an example out of fiction novels, but one very real.

Among the men, let us begin with the brave warrior, the husband of this very girl. The boy who was so headstrong at the age of 10 years, that elders of his society mocked him for his big words. They laughed at him when he stood up for a much needed change. He wasn't just a man of words; several years late, he proved himself by bringing the change he had stood for at the age of ten. When he walked back in, before the very people who had mocked him, his awe silenced them and they couldn't believe the honour and prestige this man had earned through the years. He was the bravest warrior of his time, unmatched at the battle field. Yet, when he was off the battlefield he craved knowledge. He ardently sought companionship of the knowledgeable and acquired from them all that they could offer. He was not only nicknamed for his skills as a brave warrior, he was also known by the entire community for his knowledge. A man from a noble family, with little wealth, but one who chose to seek true nobility through knowledge.

In their town was a handsome young boy; the fashionista of the town, pampered by the wealth of his very rich mother. One whose perfumes were so exotic, when he passed from a street, several moments later could one smell the fragrance and know he had been there. He always wore branded(exported) clothes. Head to toe, dressed in class. His manners and morals were unmatched. His speech and manners were as beautiful as everything else about him. One fine day, he and his mother had a disagreement. There was a matter, concerning which she wanted him to support the false views. His morals could not allow him to side against the truth. He stood with the truth and tried to convince his mother to see it too, but she refused. She not only disowned him, but chained him in her house. He bore it all and refused to submit to a lie. He ran away and lived a life of poverty. His friends would look at him with tears in their eyes at his new state, but he never regretted leaving behind his luxuries for the sake of truth. When he died, he wore a cloth so small it couldn't cover his entire body. Such were the sacrifices this former ''star of the town'' made to stand up for what he believed in.

There was a man in the town, very much like the ''cat ladies'' of today. He loved cats so much so that he came to be known as The Cat Man. He could hardly ever be seen without a kitty or two sitting in the sleeve of his shirt; yes, he made sure his shirts were stitched such that a cat could sit in the sleeve. He was, evidently, soft hearted. When a friend punched him in the chest, he went crying to the authorities about it. This was a grown man in a society where little boys wrestled as a sport. He didn't fake a personality. He accepted his soft heartedness wholly.

Can you believe all these amazing people existed at the same time(almost), in the same place?Let me tell you their names, which you might have guessed already:
  1. Ayesha Sideeqa R.A
  2. Khadija R.A
  3. Fatima tu Zahra R.A
  4. Ali ibn Abi Talib R.A
  5. Mus'ab ibn Umair R.A
  6. Abu Huraira R.A
At the end of the day, I figured, these are the actual elite and knowledgeable people I want to hang out with. Although, I cant imagine myself uttering a single word in the company of amma Khadija, I would love to sit near her and benefit from her knowledge. To learn from them, to be like them; as true, as real, as dignified, as knowledgeable, and as righteous as them. That's the dream. That's the Struggle. That's #DestinationJannah.

Fatima R.A: "Queen of all Women" refers to the Hadith Are you not pleased/satisfied with that you are the chief (saiyidah) of women of momineen OR chief of women of this ummah.” Muslim V:2 P.g:290
Abu Huraira: The Cat man actually refers to his name "Father of cats"
Ali R.A: nicknamed for his warrior skills refers to "Asad Ullah" (Lion of Allah).