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Friday, August 8, 2014

On this Eid ul Fitr, we gathered our little cousins and reminded them about the in-numerous Blessings of Allah upon us all. When they were asked to mention their favourite blessings they gave the cutest and such thoughtful replies!
The first one said: Pomegranate!
a slightly older boy said: My life.
one of them added: Horses!
And a little girl said: my mama papa.
My favourite however was: Chips! (seriously.)

 After that we asked them to bring some of their Eidi money and give it as sadaqah(charity) for those little kids who lack many blessings which we enjoy. Their willingness and generosity was so uplifting, mashaAllah.

Last minute charity box, washed over by rain. Excuse our uncreativeness.

One incident was worth mentioning, so much so that it brought me back to my blog after months. :)

A cousin's wife told us later, when she got the message about this sadaqah activity she asked her sons, aged 8 and 6, how much would they like to give. The older one had spent all his Eidi and had only 300Rs left but he said he will give 100 out of it and the younger one said he will give 50Rs. So his mom asked him "why so little?"

His reply?
"Don't we give 10Rs to the beggars who come to our house? Isn't 50Rs a lot then?"
That right there is what our kids silently learn from us.
You can 'talk' to them about the virtues of charity all you want but nothing will teach them better than your example.

She said then she told them about how Allah will give them so much more, both in this life AND the next if they give for His sake but it's their choice, they can give as much as they wish.
-I really liked how she let them decide at the end and didn't impose her opinion upon them.

Now comes the best part:
When they came over to give their share of sadaqah a family friend came to their place and gave 1000Rs Eidi for each one of them. As they got back home their mother informed them by saying "didn't I tell you Allah will increase for you if you give for His sake?"
And boy, were they overjoyed!
The older one couldn't initially believe it while the younger one said "I wish I had given 50Rs more as well"
That right there is their ain-ul-yaqeen.

I have no doubt that they will grow up to be 'givers' for the sake of Allah in sha Allah.

P.S: It's this tiny initiative we took and look at the wonderful results it had. The cousin who came up with this idea wasn't even there when most of this took place. She might have no idea about the sadqah e jariya she will reap by merely suggesting we do this. How easy it is to gain reward in our deen. It's like Allah WANTS us to get more and more.
So don't belittle any idea or any deed. Be sincere, take the initiative and leave the rest to Allah. :)


Blogger said...

The fact that Allah actually returns us in this life is SO amazing! I remember this happened to me a couple of times, and the next time I had only thought of giving charity and before I could even spend, Allah gave me so much more. The feeling was just amazing ma sha Allah. :')
Do share more of these please! :D

Blogger said...

Also, please add a subscription button and start writing more posts :p

Fiza said...

Jazakillah Khair "Blogger" for a comment on my blog after months!
I don't know why people are so stingy in commenting yani, I love comments. :D
And yes! so true! I believe all of us see that return in our life. Sometimes it's just so instantaneous you are like "Wow" SubhanAllah.
P.S i would add the subscription button if I knew how to. Blogger subscriptions work directly from blogger's home page and I have been using that for years. :)

Blogger said...

It's mostly people you know commenting.

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