Just a 'Hypothetical' thought...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

You wake up late, after several hours of peaceful sleep, feeling so good and content with everything. You feel like life is treating you so well this day. You go to the kitchen find out that your favorite food is being cooked and you joyfully dig in!

Later the same day you feel tired, wonder it must be cuz of over sleeping and you curse yourself for not getting out of bed when you had once woken up for a bit and went to sleep again for some more hours. The same thing which brought you joy earlier seems to be the only cause of annoyance now... u laze around, waste the day doing random fun stuff and forget you were mad at yourself. You are blessed again.

Before you know it, its night time and you realize you have wasted yet another day without doing any of the important stuff you had planned to. So the whole day has been wasted anyway, lets just start with the work tomorrow and enjoy what is left of today. You go online and read some sad news..  a child getting raped by several men, you lose your mind, yet you are thanking God again and again for the honor He has blessed you with and your faith of abiding His command and protecting your honor is strengthened and so is your hate for the world. But the world has been good to me, no? i should not hate it.. u wonder. Before you have reached a conclusion about your thoughts a friend calls you, you forget everything and start chatting gleefully about all the random things of the world. You mention a person you have recently met and become very fond of and then you wonder would someone, somewhere in the world be talking about you like that too?like your are, about that near-stranger? The thought is pleasing yet disturbing and it is waved off by the new flow of gossip from the other side.

The day has ended and you look back at it thinking yea i dint get my work done but it sure was fun. You forget to thank Allah cuz its the usual deal isn't it? you get good food, you enjoy the nice whether and you have fun with the people around you.. its the usual.. unless right then at the end of the day you get a very bad news..it makes you forget everything good about the day and depression falls on you. You turn to Allah to ask for help and the you realize He helped you, all through the day, with every little thing. You feel so selfish, sitting there pleading for help.. but you realize its not too late.. it never is with Him. You thank Him for everything, even giving you the peace which lead to over sleeping... cuz that is when you realize what true worries of life are, how blessed you normally are. Then you wonder if a greater worry befalls you will you not think of this time, with its worries as a blessed one? and then you thank Him for everything. For the blessings and what might be blessings in disguise, and pray for forgiveness and selfishly mention your desires for the best.